Horst Babinsky, the ASB founder of the pioneering and innovative German company is celebrating its 50th anniversary by publishing a glossy ‘coffee-table’ book outlining ASB’s glorious history in pictures.

Babinsky launched his venture by producing the first plastic curtain tracks for the Bavarian market – and soon expanded with the building system “Trelement” which led to products being exported to Japan.

ASB became international! The ASB construction system soon became the leader of the aluminium system builders and within just four years, more than 70 ASB kindergarten buildings were built, followed by office buildings, buildings for the Max-Planck society, schools and pavilions.

But it was in the world of Squash that ASB truly led the way: In 1977, the first ASB SquashCourt was presented in the popular German TV sports show “Das aktuelle Sportstudio”. This was the beginning of a huge success of this completely new squash court design. More than 7000 ASB SquashCourts have been installed around the world.

Over these years ASB have constantly introduced innovations and further developments – eg. moveable side walls, the rotary glass back walls, the ASB System Walls, the height-adjustable tin, electronics for the squash court and also the ASB ShowGlassCourt!

It was at the British Open in 1981, that a court was first successfully set up in a theatre. The ASB ShowGlassCourt was constantly developed and today it is impossible to imagine the World Squash Tour without this court.

With the ASB GlassFloor came an additional focus, beyond squash. ASB GlassFloors were installed in ASB ShowGlassCourts. In 2009 the first ASB GlassFloor was installed in a school’s sports hall. Under the direction of Christof Babinsky, who has taken over the innovating mantle of his father, pioneering projects have been materialized – including the BT Sports Studio in London, where the marking lines for each sport can be chosen by simply pressing a button. Further projects are on their way, such as the 2,000 sq metre GlassFloor at Elbflorenz Events Hall which will be realized in Dresden, Germany.

The new book, titled ASB: 50 Years of Exceptional Success, will be published in July. For further details, visit asbsquash.com/contact/